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From: Danny Eagles
Subject: Happy Birthday Josh Chapter 3"Happy Birthday Josh"
By: Danny Eagles****DISCLAIMER****This story is a completely fictional tale created by the mind of the
author. It contains acts of sex between teenagers and should be viewed
only by those who have reached the age of majority in their community, do
not get offended by homosexual acts and are legalized to view/read
pornographic material. If you do not know if you are legal, please find
out before reading this material. japanes pedo porn This story pedo incest 3d anime
has been created for personal
use only and no commercial gain is being exercised. For those who are
legalized and about to read and will not be offended by the material,
please enjoy the story.
I woke up, again with foggy eyes, not being able to see much at all. It
was almost like a large fog was in my room and my head was strapped to my
pillow. I moaned softly, not wanting to get up. Yippee for Wednesday
morning...NOT! I laid illegal pedo lollita in bed and wondered what my life would be like if I
got up...then I wondered what it would be like if I DIDN'T get up."Ok...let's think this over," I thought, "If teeny turk pedo pics
I pedo buyes kids pantyies don't get up...I have to get
the shit piled on my by my parents and teachers...and if I DO get
up...I...I can see Taylor...TAYLOR!!!"I shot out loltas illegal pedo of my bed quickly, my eyes wide open and clear as day...only it
was raining outside. But at this point, I didn't care. The memories of
the day before were completely in my head, of the things Taylor and I did
and what was to come. It was so great to finally find someone that loved
me the way I loved them. Hopefully it wasn't all passion illegal child porno pedo
that had brought
us together, but I know for sure it was love...true love. I don't know
how, but for some reason I could feel the energy flow between us...like if
our souls entwined with each kiss...I went to the bathroom and started to wash up, grabbing a quick shower
first. I sat on the side of the toilet for a minute, waiting for the hot
water to actually get hot - it took a little while to actually warm up for
some reason, I don't really know why. Once it was nice and hot, I dropped
my boxers, letting them fall pedofilia sample clips
to the ground, pre pedo pics and stepped inside the spray of
water. Oh god, did it ever feel good! The water trickled over my head,
down my face, chest, abs, thighs - dripping off the head of my cock as
reached the tip.I lathered myself up pedo xxx gratis a lot, almost using half the bar of soap, and washed
up. pic pedo free child I looked around for a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. I turned
around and saw it sitting on the small counter beside the shower. I
grabbed it and washed my hair nice and clean.Afterwards, I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around my waist,
walking out and back to my room to get dressed. I put on a navy-blue
t-shirt, a blue sweater with "OLD NAVY" in big white letters across the
chest, and a pair of new blue jeans. I looked over at the mirror and
styled my little sisters pedo sexo hair a bit, some of it falling in virtual pedo boy front of my face and looked
over at the clock. I still had some time to get myself kiddy porn pedo some breakfast so I
walked downstairs and into the kitchen. My mom and dad had already left
for work - they work from early in the morning to late at night most
times...about 6am to 9pm. My brother had slept over at his friends house
during the night, so he wasn't due back for another day or two. His friend
lives in the country, so it's quite a drive - maybe a few hours.I opened up a cupboard and found some Fruit Loops...my favorite cereal. I
got some milk out of the fridge and then a bowl and began feasting before
the bus came. While I ate, I was thinking more of Taylor and what it was
going to be like at school with him now. I mean, my best friend was hotter
than hell and he was in love with me...and I was devoted to him. It was a
match made in heaven, or so I hoped.I finished up my cereal and poured a glass of apple juice. I drank that
down quickly, the coldness of it chilling my brain, creating the all-mighty
'brain-freeze'. I held the bridge of my nose and winced a bit in pain,
feeling the pressure in the front of my head. It didn't take long for the
pain to subside and I shook my head."Ok, I'm not going to do that again..." I said to pedofilia sample clips no one in particular.I grabbed my jacket and put it on, child pedo 13 y.o.
zipping it up, knowing the bus would
soon arrive. Sure enough, I got my backpack and heard the horn of the
yellow prison. I walked outside to see the long yellow tin can and thought
to myself for a quick moment."I really have to paint that bus..."I ran out to the bus pedophilia pics banned illegal pedo pics and got in it, leaving for school.Once I got to school, I headed right for my locker. Due to the fact that
my books where in my locker, it was a pretty safe bet that I'd have to go
to my locker to get them. I kept a sharp eye out for porno pedo galeri Taylor, hoping that
he would be around. I didn't see him, of course, so I dug though my
locker, taking some quick glances behind pedo child dark top
me...still nothing. Of course
there were so many people, maybe he was down at the other side of the hall
now. I missed him SO MUCH! After what happened yesterday, I wanted more!
I grabbed my books and headed for the first class.Class started out fine, a normal history class with nothing to do but be
bored. The teacher, Mrs. Rosehart, had listed about thirty different dates
on the board and was asking the class what each date represented. Oh
man...I don't remember dates at all, so I was thinking 'Don't pick me,
don't pick me, don't pick me." And guess what..."Josh, what happened then?"'Ah dammit...ok, ok...think of something good...'"The Declaration of Independence?" I said, sounding very unsure of myself.Mrs. Rosehart looked at me for a moment and then continued on with, "And
Tom, what happened on..."...Holy crap...I couldn't believe I actually got that. I mean, I can NEVER
remember dates. Anyways, I basically phased out during the rest of that
period, thinking of Taylor more and more, never leaving my head. The
heart-throb that stole my heart.The next class was pretty uneventful - Sexual Education. little russian illegal pedo Believe me, I
didn't need to relearn what body pedo nude masturbation is. Hello! Lady! I've been
beating my meat for the last 5 or 6 years!I went to my locker afterwards and then grabbed my P.E. gear...time for
gym. I still hadn't seen Taylor, so I guess he skipped school. He would
always hang out with me during the breaks, but he was no where to be seen.
So I went into the locker room and got changed with all the other guys,
staring at the extremely hot bodies. I started to get hard...really hard.
Some guys stared at it and I simply shrugged."Hey, not like you haven't seen porno pedo kids one before...that damn Vanessa is hot,
isn't she?" I said with a wicked grin.The other guys just chat pedo kds
laughed and agreed, heading out into the gym. I
followed them wearing my black mesh shorts and tank-top. We started off
the period with a game of basket ball. I wasn't exactly good at the game,
but I wasn't terrible either. pedo bondage I knew how to dunk some balls and evade any
incoming hardcore pedofilia sex predators. pedo sex vidoes We had a really fun game and my team one by one point.
Thank god for foul shots...The game ended up lasting almost the whole hour, so we were all hot and
sweaty. The coach let us go early so we could shower up, so I grabbed a
towel and headed for my bag. pedo passwords free All the guys started to shower as I was
fiddling through my bag, suddenly getting the feeling that I had to piss.
I walked into the bathroom area, separated by a door to the showers and
walks up to a urinal and brought out my limp dick. Images of pedo porn under 12 Taylor just
shot though my head and I started to get really hard. It didn't take long
for me to get to my full 6.5 inches. I don't know if anyone else knows,
but it's kinda hard to piss when you're hard. I managed to do it after I
softened a bit.Just then, I felt arms wrapping around me and a hand grasping my cock. I
wanted to pull away to see what was going on, but when you have a foreign
object attached to your semi-hard cock, you don't want it to detach. I
threw my head back and moaned a little louder than I would have liked when
the person spoke."Hey sexy..."It was Taylor! That soft and sexy voice was undeniably Taylor. He had a
voice of a fourteen year old, younger than usual for his age, and had kind
of a raspy sense to it, making it even more hot on top of that. Just those
two words from his mouth brought me again to full attention.
He wrapped his fingers around the base of my cock and very slowly stroked
from the base to the tip. It felt SOOOOO GOOD!!! He then pulled off and
turned me around, his hand never leaving my cock. I was about to speak
when he hushed me."Quiet...I don't want anyone to know I'm in here...trying to stay out of
classes...I just wanted to see you."He kissed me slightly on the lips and said, "I'll still be here...go shower
up. I'll join you soon."That's when Taylor winked at me and pushed me out the door to hide in little pedo illegal
stall again.I noticed pretty much everyone had showered and left. It was pizza day in
the cafeteria and they all wanted to get some before it was all gone. The
last couple guys left as I started to undress. Making sure no one was
coming back, I locked all the entrances to the rooms and asian kiddy pedo photos stripped out of my
mesh shorts and tank-top, leaving me completely naked and hard as a rock,
my sex pedofile cock leaking all over the place.I knocked on the door to the washroom and opened it, "Hey Taylor, they're
gone."Taylor casually walked out of the washroom, also completely naked. His
hard cock swinging freely in the air. free lsm pedo pics
I looked at him and couldn't help
it, I immediately grabbed him, placing a hand behind his neck and one on a
luscious globe of his ass and pulled him in for a deep, kids child sex pedo lingering pedo pics gallery 1 kiss,
slipping my tongue in his mouth. He moaned involuntarily and bucked his
hips into my own, our cock grinding together as our tongues wrestled. He
pulled me over to a shower, turning it on so the water would flow over us
as we kissed. The water was only luke-warm, and I looked over at the wall,
noticing cum stains...it was the same shower that I pedo child dark collection had picture chat pedo used when Taylor
found out about me. This time, he kissed me hard...REALLY hard. I moaned
loudly and then he moved his kisses to my neck, just below my left ear and
nibbled slightly, now starting to work on a hickey.
He laid me down onto the floor of the underground pedo sites shower room, about an inch of water
underneath me, nick and warm. My cock was twitching and I was so kiddy porn pedo hard it
hurt. He got on his knees between my open legs and laid down on top of me,
our cocks meeting and grinding into each other as our chests pressed
together...then our lips met again. He snaked his tongue into my mouth,
exploring nearly every part of it. I sucked lovingly on his tongue as my
hands roamed all over his back and down to his soft globes of flesh. His
hands traveled over the sides of my body, making hardcore pedofilia sex
me shiver with excitement.Taylor started to slide down my body, his cock and balls rubbing against my
thigh as he slid down. His kisses traveling down my chin and throat to my
chest. He started to kiss the center of my chest, taking the breath out of
me, licking a trail free kds pedo gallery over to my right nipple. pedo pics or vids He began to lick and suck at
it, not even touching my cock now. I whimpered, threading my fingers
through his perfect golden hair. He looked up at me with those awesome
green eyes and licked a trail to my other nipple, attacking it. I arched
my back a bit, moaning aloud and grabbing his arms for support. I was
leaking bad and needed release, but Taylor wasn't about to give me that
pleasure yet.He licked down my chest and over my abs, kissing more and more and licked
even further down to my thighs, his cheek brushing against my cock. It
twitched from the feel of his silky smooth skin and he started to rub my
inner thighs. I whimpered a moaned, my cock throbbing now, and hurting.
My head was swollen and I knew I was pedo 12yo child
going to blow sometime soon. He
massaged my thighs with the pads of his fingers and then swung himself
around so his cock was next to my face. The 69 position was the perfect
thing for this situation. He looked like he was enjoying this more than I
was so I grabbed his rock hard, throbbing cock pedo pedo fotos and shoved it down my
throat. He immediately shoved his cock down my throat, pedo buyes kids pantyies making me gag a
bit. I recovered and swallowed his hard tool as he screamed out a moan,
muffling it in my inner thigh.His sweet scent nearly pushed me over the edge, but not quite. I took a
big whiff of his odors and enjoyed it. It was somewhat of a musky odor,
too sweet for yo kids pedo video words. little pedo illegal I started to deep throat him, using my tongue along
the underside of his cock, my tongue occasionally flicking at the base of
his head. He moaned loudly again and I felt his absolutely delicious, soft
and moist lips wrap around the base of my shaft. He managed to get it all
down and I felt that hot, wet tongue wrap itself around my cock like a
snake. He started to suck hard and kiddy porn pedo fast and I already felt an orgasm
emerging from my toes up. I sucked just has hard as him, if not gay pedo pic harder,
and faster, now in a competition with him to see who could suck the
hardest. His cock began to grow in my mouth and I knew he was close. I
sucked harder and harder and HARDER until he moaned aloud on my cock,
vibrating little virgins pedo
on my cockhead as he shot his hot and sticky load hard into my
mouth. This pushed me over the edge and I arched my back and became stiff
as I held his ass, milking his cock, now releasing large creamy spurts of
my hot teen juice into his wanting mouth. We moaned and whimpered as we
shot continuously into each others mouths. All the lights seemed ten or
fifteen time brighter now as our orgasms subsided. We lay there for a few
moments, immersed in the sexual energy that had just been released. I
slowly turned around and kisses him passionately , sharing each other and
holding him close in my protective arms."I love you, baby..." he said.Those words melted my heart and I simply replied, "I love you too..."We laid there in the child pedo porn pic warm water of the shower room and rested for a while
before we had to go back to class.
****Well finally, after, what...three months? Yeah...after actually almost
FOUR months, I FINALLY got chapter three up. LOL! Wow! I haven't been in
the mood to write for so long and then tonight, past midnight, shocking pedo videos suddenly
BANG! "Hey, I wanna write!" I hope you enjoyed it, and Justy, baby...I
love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I was thinking of you when I
wrote this chapter. *KISSES TO MY BABY!!!*If you have any questions, comments, or anything like that, free lsm pedo pics
e-mail them to
danny_eaglesyahoo.ca or you can catch me in #niftywriters under the
nickname Danny. Hope you enjoyed!

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